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The magical atmosphere of a special night lights up with the glamour of an elegant and sophisticated label. LUMINOUR: not only sparkling and colourful labels, but also absolutely excellent bubbles.

From an idea
of Enrico and Rocco
Persico Frova

A way to create a special atmosphere and give a younger appearance to a classical product.

At the end of 2016, an idea of Enrico and Rocco Persico Frova, two young brothers, gave rise to LUMINOUR, a bottle of Prosecco DOCG with an elegant luminous label that highlights the family coat of arms and gives a younger appearance to a classical and traditional product.


LUMINOUR “lights up” with a small button: the label assumes bright and captivating tones, from blue to orange and shocking pink.

Luminour Persico Frova

Luminour is produced after a selection of “glera” grapes that come from the vineyards cultivated in the area of Soligo (TV), in the core of the area that produces the Prosecco Superiore DOCG.

A few months ago we made a deal with an agricultural holding company in Franciacorta, one that we have always known and esteemed. So we have expanded our business series: Franciacorta Rosé and Blanc de Blanc.

Create your own label

Become an active player and create your personal luminous label.
LUMINOUR turns on the spotlights on your brand impressing a relevant position in the guests top of mind.

The perfect allied to make each of your events an unforgettable one.

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